Hi there.

I am a native mobile app developer, full stack web developer, a musician, and a husband/dad.

I design, develop, launch and manage custom websites from scratch, including complicated API integrations, ecommerce, and CMS (content management) if needed. I also create cross platform mobile applications. Here are some of my projects:
Daily Nanny: A native mobile application used by parents and nannies to communicate better. I designed and created the website and the mobile app.
Cubby Notes: An application used by Daycares to keep in touch with parents. I designed and created the web application.
Nanny Shifts: A native mobile application that helps nannies track their hours. I created the website and the mobile app, which will be launching soon.
Shads Advertising: This is a custom site built for a promotional products distributor, including custom integration with Authorize.net for accepting invoice payments.
Smittys Cinema: I built the website as well as a CMS system for staff to manage all content including integrating a movie database API to automatically gather movie information by a single ID.
Berklee College of Music: I created a filtering mechanism for their programs site. It dynamically filters programs based on your selected criteria.
Nimbit: An application that helps musicians manage their careers. I created the website and the front end of the web application.
MyPreSonus: I created the user portal for all user's of PreSonus Audio software and hardware.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Firebase
  • Onesignal


  • PHP: Codeigniter, Laravel, Composer
  • MySql
  • JavaScript/TypeScript: Angular 1 & 2, Vue.js, node.js, npm
  • Cloud Services/APIs: Firebase, Cloudinary, OneSignal
  • Version Control: Git, SVN

My passion lately is NativeScipt, a cross platform mobile development framework.

With it I have developed a fully fledged (and deployed) app, and have a few others in the works.

I regularly hang out in the NativeScript Slack channel both answering and asking questions, so come say here there!

I do freelance, so reach out if you have any web/mobile needs!